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July 2, 2024

Massive Art Sale! Over 100 pieces of art from estates.

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THIS IS A SEALED BID SALE (see the bottom of the page for why I do sealed bids).

These items are from several estates.  There are are local artists, “known artists” original works, signed/numbered prints, framed posters, etc.  A VERY eclectic collection of over 100 pieces.
To accommodate this huge collection I am using the community room at Umpqua Bank, 225 N. Grand Ave. in Pullman.  The room is only available during banking business hours, so viewing and pickup times are very constrained. When you are in the parking lot, the community room is the left side of the building.
There is a door directly into the community room, please do not use the main bank entrance.

My descriptions are intentionally vague, as I REALLY want you to view the items in person before bidding so that you will know exactly what you are getting. This is particularly crucial with art works. However, you may bid online (by emailing your bids to rold@pullman.com ) if you are unable to attend either preview.  Be sure to include your phone number with any bids.

There will be a PREVIEW from 10 am to 2 pm on Monday, July 8.
Don’t miss this opportunity to bid on some great vintage pieces!

BIDDING ENDS: Monday, July 8 at 5 pm.
All bidders will be notified within a few hours of the end of the sale.  If you place a bid, please be sure to check your email Monday night or Tuesday morning.

PICK UP TIMES: Items must be picked up at Umpqua Bank:
Tuesday, July 9  between 10 am and 2 pm.

If you cannot pickup during this limited time frame, please notify me when you place your bid. I am happy to try and make other arrangements.

Images below may be expanded to show greater detail by double clicking on the image.

For reference, the tile in the background of the first 60 images is one foot square.


People ask why  I offer items for “sealed bid” rather than at a fixed price?
The answer is simple, I REALLY want to sell them!

There is an old saying: “Something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.”  This is very true, however that knowledge resides solely with the buyer, not the seller.

Here is an example: I had a very nice condition, high quality spinet piano for sale.  Research showed that it ought to be worth about $1,500. Since I needed to sell it, I probably would have offered it at fixed price for around $500.  Instead, I offered it for “sealed bid”.  I had over a dozen offers, none of them anywhere near $500.  I sold it (which is what I wanted) for the best offer, and the buyer got it for their price (which is what they wanted) and was thrilled!  If I had offered it at a set price of $500, neither of us would have gotten what we wanted (and I would have been stuck with a piano to dispose of).

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