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December 21, 2018

Winning Bidder Testimonials

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Following are a few testimonials from people who have been the winning bidders in our sealed bid sales.


Well-organized, clear communication, and quick service!  They even loaded my car!  Thanks!


I would like to give a shout out to Richard Old/Estate Services. They have always been very prompt about replying to inquiries, as well as the status of a bid.

This past week, I drove to meet them to pick up an item and was surprised it was so heavy. I was all alone and fortunately Richard and his helper loaded it into my car for me. I was very grateful for that, especially since it was a snowy day with slick roads, and I wasn’t able to find anyone else to go with me. Thank you, Richard for your help and for always being so pleasant and professional.

I highly recommend their services, and will definitely continue to do business with Estate Services. Thanks again, Richard!

Kristy S.
Troy, Idaho


Hello Richard,

Here is my evaluation of my first winning bid:

I like the emails you send:
They are very informative (about how to bid, and what it entails)

  • the pictures and descriptions of the items are very accurate
  • you give the opportunity to request a viewing ( I almost did since the item I was interested in had a third dimension that no picture could really depict, in the end I didn’t do it, but having the opportunity is great)
  • if we subscribe, we don’t feel harassed by the number of emails we get: only when there’s an auction, and it’s not every day
  • the picking up of the items went very smoothly

That is all, overall, a very pleasant experience.

Anne Perriguey


Hi Richard,
I had an excellent experience in participating in the sealed-bid auction. About the only thing I can think of to help improve it would be to have a bit more of a window to pick up items, but I also know that can be kinda hard if you’re clearing out a house. In the past, I’ve worked swing shift which meant I was unavailable during the day from about 1 pm to 1130 pm, so that would mean I’d have to either send someone to pick up my stuff, or make alternate arrangements. Luckily, I don’t work those hours anymore! 😀

I also really appreciated that you guys loaded the bookshelves for me; I’m certainly strong enough to do it myself, but since I was sick, it was sure nice that I didn’t have to, so thanks to you both.

Be well,


Excellent auction. . always very well organized and the items displayed are accurate as to condition.  A very honest auction service provided.


I love auctions, even closed bid ones.  I recently was the high bidder on an item of furniture.  The process was seamless, with the notification and information coming just as promised.  I’m enjoying my item of furniture and the price was right!  Thanks.

Larry Brown


Estate Services is an excellent resource, I have bid and won many items, always quality,  is very willing to make the customer happy, good prices would recommend them to any of my friends.

Keith Russell


We had a super great experience!

The instructions were easy to follow and everyone was so helpful and friendly! Can’t wait to do this again!

Sandra and Mark


I was the winning bidder on lot 32 in the sale for Feb. 4th.
I have watched Estate Services Bids for a while and will continue to.
I have found Richard at Estate Services to be friendly,honest and
advising on a number of occasions. I have not always been the
winning bidder. We coordinated our timing for the pick up and he even
helped me get loaded up.
Great Experience
Don Cox


The sale process was very simple and smooth.  When I arrived I was quickly able to load everything up into my car, and boxes were even provided, which I did not anticipate.  All in all, it was a very good experience.  The only thing I wish is that there was a way to know the amount of the winning bids for lots I did not win, so I have an idea of how off my estimate of value was 🙂
Moscow, ID

It was such an easy process to bid and win items with this company. I even missed the winning bidder email, through no fault of theirs, and they were patient and polite though I was 45 minutes late to pickup the items. Would and will bid again.
Craig A., Pullman

I would rate my experience with Estate Services as a 10 out of 10!  I love collecting art, and my home is decorated with several incredible finds from Richard Old’s estate sales.  I recently bid on a piece painted by one of my favorite artists and did not expect to win.  This painting now hangs in my dining room, and I smile every time I see it.
J.A., Moscow

Richard is running a great service for the community. His sales are great and everything is of excellent quality. I highly recommend you check out his estate sales! A+
Eric L., Pullman WA

“I Really enjoy receiving the emails and I cannot wait for the next sale.” Always a pleasure to do business with and the closed bid format is neat and easy as well.  Thank you, I’ve made several purchases over the years and I’ve always had good experiences.
Penny, Moscow ID

Richard was great!  The entire process was efficient, professional, and friendly.  I ended up with more than I anticipated. Thanks again, Richard!
Russell, Moscow ID

I  rarely miss one of Richard’s sales as they are a continual source of great bargains, quality products, and highly enjoyable trading.  Hands down, I have acquired more wonderful furniture and unique household items from Estate Services than from the many yard sales, rummage sales, and other estate sales that I frequent every week. I am continually impressed with the high level of integrity and kindness at Estate Services sales and I look forward to doing business with them as much as I enjoy my purchases.  Moreover, in a business that forces me question the true meaning of ownership and accumulation, I value Richard’s wise and thoughtful take on the pastime of holding possessions.  It is a fine and pleasurable day when I can do business with Estate Services.
Laurel R., Moscow

I’ve been skeptical about handling estate sales in this manner, but thought I’d give it a try. I bid on quite a few items – – bidding more than I would normally be willing to pay elsewhere, and to my (pleasant) surprise, was out bid on most of them.
GS, Moscow

I’ve found some great deals through Estate Services. Richard has a well-deserved reputation in the area for forthrightness and integrity – highly recommended.
Austin S., Colfax WA

Thank you very much for your service. Your online blind bids are the best grouped items of anyone who uses this method. Your photographs and descriptions have always been exactly what you get.  I have always been thrilled with my wins. It is like Christmas year around.
Debbie McNeil, Pullman

Love the online bidding and that there isn’t a huge wait time.  I see if I’ve won, pay for my items and take them home!
Gretchen Pedersen, LaCrosse WA

I think they’re really fun and everything I’ve won has been in really good shape and well worth it.
Jen Vieyra, Colfax WA

The bid sales work great! Bid on what you are interested in from the comfort of your own home (great pictures/descriptions),
win if you bid enough. Simple.
Rob & Cheryl Rodeen, Johnson WA

Easy, straight forward, a little inexpensive suspenseful fun.  Don’t have to spend all day at an auction for one item that goes for more than new.  A double loss that I don’t have time for.  Thank you Rich.
G. Linehan, Moscow ID

This has been an excellent way to stay in contact with the whole process.  I was a bit confused to begin with but Richard was kind enough to ‘spell it out’.  I will always look forward to what’s being offered next.  Great idea!
Lisa Gadwa, Moscow ID

I have been well satisfied with my purchases and with the price.  Of course, I set the price and am sometimes surprised that I do not win the bid.  You are very helpful in many ways.  Thank you.
George Branson, Moscow ID

Great fun ! I have not been disappointed in the items that I’ve bid on and won. The process was easy and transactions were very smooth and professional.
M.H. Palouse WA

During the last year, I have won about half of the items I bid upon.  While I was disappointed to lose out on a couple items, I was always thrilled to win others.  In any case, I could only blame my own willingness to spend for getting or not getting what I wanted.  I found the silent bidding process much nicer than competing with other interested parties at public estate sales, which can be crowded and ferocious.  The quality of the furniture I bought was wonderful and I feel lucky and privileged to own it now.  In one instance, a lamp I purchased was damaged and Richard refunded my bid without question.  I have found him to be a delightful and honest man to do business with–I recommend his Estate Services with the highest possible endorsement:  Richard makes this process easy, fun, and very satisfying.
Laurel R., Moscow ID

I had a very positive experience. Richard is always fair in his dealings. I look forward to future sales, as we are in need of a small bedroom set and a few other miscellaneous items.
Jeff Newkirk, Pullman WA

As I live a long way from where most of the sales are held, it is not worth my while to drive to conventional sales or auctions in that area, when the items I want might be sold to someone ahead of me in line or go for more than I want to pay..  With the sealed bid sales I only have to make the trip when I know I have purchased what I want at a price I want to pay.
J.M. Enterprise OR

Always fun to see what might be available. First time winner this year and I will bid again…many times!
Dana A. Elder, Colfax WA

We were hesitant at first to bid on items unseen but everything is well photographed and any flaws are noted so there are never any surprises. We have purchased several major pieces of furniture at extremely reasonable prices that were in excellent condition. We are very pleased with the process and look forward to future sales!
Ron & Jan Brown, Moscow ID

You are very concise about sizes of the items you are posting, fair in the evaluation of the item’s condition, unbiased in whether or not it is a good deal, and also exact about when winning the bid, picking up the winning item at an exact time and place.  I am sure the folks who hire you to do their disposal of property for profit also appreciate the fair and candid way you advertise and make every effort to show all the facets of the items being offered for sale.  I trust that what you write and photograph is a good presentation of what the item truly is like.  Thank-you for this great service to all who are unable to take home all of grandma’s prized possessions.
Lee Bates, Viola ID

I have been thrilled to participate in the sealed bid process.  I can base my bid on my desire for the item, amount of money I have available at the time, and at the same time let Rich know I am still interested in receiving his emails.  I have received great deals! The descriptions are honest and the time between receiving the email and posting a bid is perfect so I can do some research on prices if I need to before I bid.
Debbie McNeil, Pullman WA

The bid process is very straightforward. I bid what I am willing to pay. Then, when I am the winner of a sealed bid auction, it is very satisfying.  And, if I do not win, there are many more opportunities, which keeps it interesting!  Thank you!
A.W., Deary Idaho

Straightforward process.  We appreciate being able to inspect the items before placing a bid.  We bid “high” because we really did want the items, but we still feel it was a very good deal for everything we bought!
D. Hime and M. Townsend, Moscow ID

Experience has been very good. Good folks to work with.
S.H., Pullman WA

Pictures and descriptions are helpful. It’s easy to bid and reply from Richard Old is very precise and timely. Value of items I purchased exceeded my expectations in every instance. I only bid what I am willing to pay. I bid whenever there is an item I can use. Sometimes the lots are too large to pick up with a car. I appreciate being included on the e-mail listing, Thanks.
Phyllis Bovey, Orofino ID

I have submitted winning and losing bids. What I appreciate most is Richard’s communication regarding each bid. He is always easy to work with and willing to answer questions. He is as fair and honest at they come and I will do business with him as long as there is business to be done.
C.L. Pullman WA

The bid process is very easy, I like that the emails are responded to and that I get notifications on future sales. When picking up, they are friendly and helpful.
Stephanie Snyder, Lewiston ID

Each sale is different, but I always enjoy looking through the items listed.  Sometimes there isn’t anything that catches my eye.  But more often than not, there are a few items that appeal to me.  It is always fun deciding how much to bid.  But I have gotten some nice items at a fair price.
Scott Dockins, Viola ID

I really enjoy the opportunity to participate in the sealed bid sales. You do a great job!
Steve Sheppard, Viola ID

I find it fun, like a gambling experience….I feel that I have gotten good value from the items I have won.
Stacia Moffett, Colton WA

The overall evaluation of my experience has been fantastic!  I love antiques and this is a great way to find unique items at a great price!
Kim Malm, Troy ID

We have been very pleased with the great deals offered through Richard Olds’ bid sales.  And also sorry that we had not bid on some item that we might have  acquired at a fraction of its value. A few items we have resold for a profit, but most are furniture pieces that we could not otherwise have purchased at such bargain prices.  Those bid sales are really interesting and fun for us.   We never know what might be offered, but are always pleased that Richard’s portrayal of the items, photos included, are accurate and dependable.  We look forward to each one, and enjoy dealing with Richard.
Mary Ann Sharp, Moscow

It was my first bid with Estate Services.  Instructions were clear and easy to meet and pick up item, was overall very easy. Item was as described and my expectations were met! I love my 6 gal. Red Wing crock!!
Gwen Hunt-Palmer, Colfax WA

The bids are a lot of fun!  It’s the perfect remedy to my hunt and gather instincts.  I always look forward to your next offering.
L. Read McCall, Pullman WA

Very simple to bid. Love it!
A. Barnett, Pullman WA

Each time I receive a notice for an estate auction, I enjoy perusing the items carefully, and if an interesting item is presented, I do some thinking about how badly I need it, and where I would put it if I won the bid.  Then, submitting my offer, I wait patiently until the time has expired, hoping that I won at least one of the bids I submitted.  When you live out in the country, this kind of shopping is lots of fun and a way to shop without driving all over.  And, in these times of high-priced fuel, this is a great service.  The photos are well taken with the dimensions included.  Keep it up, Richard Old!  I enjoy this!
Lee B.
Viola, ID

I put a sealed bid in on an antique oak desk in early December.  Based upon the picture and description on the web site, this was just what I wanted for my wife’s Christmas present.  The bidding process was easy and I was notified immediately after the deadline that I had won the bid.  I arranged a pick up time and Richard was right there to help me load the desk.  It is a wonderful piece of furniture. With a little rejuvenation effort I was able to surprise my wife with a beautiful antique mission style oak desk at a reasonable price!
Scott D.
Moscow, ID

Hey Rich, Happy New Year! We won that old wood cupboard and couldn’t be happier. Your pics and description were great, very professional service and help with lifting, really appreciate it! Thanks again,
Rob & Cheryl R.
Johnson, WA

I have known Richard for over 30 years and have never meet or dealt with anyone more fair and honest.  To this day, I buy from Richard from time to time and find his estate sale and sealed bid items just as described, or better, and offered with transparent disclosure and warnings whenever appropriate.  I highly recommend Richard’s services and sale items.
Mike M.
Palouse, WA

We are so pleased with the stuff that we bought at the estate sale that you organized! We were able to buy important furniture such as tables, chairs, carpets, gym equipment, dishes, jackets, and more in wonderful condition, directly in the sale house, at a very low price. Thank you for your amazing work and the blessings you bring to our families.
Maria R.
Colfax, WA

I was so happy to be a winning bidder last year with Estate Services.  It was fun and exciting to receive the results that I had won!  I look forward to bidding again on the next auction in town.  Thank you again for conducting these events in such a fun and easy way to shop.
Carole M.
Moscow, ID

During 2012 I had the opportunity to take part in Online Bidding with Richard Old’s Auctions.  I WON!!!  What a thrilling experience.  Richard had a “Lot” of Kitchen Appliances and I submitted what became the winning bid.  Lucky for me, Richard’s instructions were totally understandable and even a Senior Citizen, like me, could follow the rules!  Richard suggested we place a bid with an uneven amount (e.g. $9.41).  I was so excited to receive his “you won” proclamation that I can’t even remember what I paid!  I was able to use many new appliances; give some to the needy; and even to sell a couple at a Yard Sale!  Thank you, Richard, for a wonderfully fun experience!  I’m now looking forward to more bidding experiences in 2013!
Peggy D.
Grangeville, ID

I won an armoire through a bid in 2012. It was wonderfully easy to submit my bid online and review the items for purchase.  I was very pleased with the item I won, as it was exactly as described.  I plan to use it for many years.
Vickie N.
Lewiston, ID

I did make an offer on a swivel chair that was offered and I think I got a great bargain. After cleaning, it is quite a nice piece that we have in our front room.  I would certainly look for more of these bargains.
Geoff C.
Moscow, ID

Thanks to Richard I have been able to buy a few things that I needed at a much better price & in excellent condition.  My most recent purchase was an entertainment center to sit my television on.  The one I had made it impossible to use the VCR because the cable box was on top of it.  You had to have both connected, so this was very inconvenient.  The item I wanted needed to also have storage for photo albums and movies.  All those that I found that I could afford had to be put together once it was in the house and all were extremely heavy.  I was able to pick up exactly what I wanted at Richards Auction, for a fraction of the price the newer ones were asking and it was already assembled.  His crew is amazing and always ready to help.  I will continue to scope out any and all things I may need and always check his auctions for good bargains.  Keep up the good work.
Bylinda L.
Lewiston, ID

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